Jesus man and Silent walks

‘The extra-ordinary’ and ‘the ordinary’ in everyday public behavior.

Whilst in Bradford city centre observing the people and the dynamics of the city ‘Bradford’s walking man’ (Jesus man to my generation) passed me by.                          Seeing Jesus man has almost become the norm to me, of course I am still curious as to whom he is and want to understand his mysterious persona but at the same time he’s just Jesus man. It is very normal to see him pass by on a visit into town, whilst on the bus or even seeing him trend on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The ‘extra-ordinary’ (Jesus man) has almost become the ‘ordinary’ to the people of Bradford.

I then came across the film The Excursion by Yorkshire based artist Simon Warner, Simon’s film documents the movements of Jesus man within the Bradford district, the film is showing at the Journey and Migrations exhibition in Bradford.

More information about the exhibition can be found at

The film and my interest in him made me think about what he does and how walking interests me as a performativce practice. Following this I decided to take part in Phil Harding’s silent sound walk through Bradford on 24/8/12.

Phil, myself and 6 other participants met at Handmade in Bradford at 5pm to set off on the silent sound walk across Bradford, we were instructed that we could not communicate at any point and should follow each other in single file line with Phil as the leader of the walk. We each walked about a meter apart from one another resulting in a single file snaking line of people walking through the city. For me I couldn’t help but think about how this must look if I was a spectator. It was interesting to observe the city in a much more conscious way, really listening to the sounds that make up the voice of Bradford rather than passing through dismissing the most interesting happenings.

The route of the walk

More information of the walk can be found at

On the walk I was thinking about the ways in which the Augmented Reality app could be used as a means to guide, explore and even find new things within the city. Could having something in place in the town such as an image to scan bring a performance, text or audio to a certain location in the town using the Layar application?

I will try these ideas out.