Adult playground number 1

Lviv, the first day of our journey. We split into smaller 4 different groups and explore the city with a guide. My group encounters a sculpture/playground. Aleksandra (our guide) explains it is a playground devised for adults, and that they keep moving it around the city to different locations.

Deciphering an Address in Lviv, Ukraine

An address, printed, on a paper that traveled from Bradford to Lviv. The alphabet Cyrillic. A task to decipher, painstakingly stabbing at possible letters on the keyboard.

An address in Ukraine, in Lviv, on our map. A rush to make it there, to see what it looks like. A confusion of numbers – is 84 actually 8, or 8/4 or?

Click on links to listen to the audio recordings of the search:

Start of the search

Confusion of alphabets

Have we found the address or not


Rita at вул. Шкільна, Лвів