About the project

Choreographic Perambulations is a living installation by day, and a performative site by night.

Living installation
It is day time and you are walking by a street Corner. You’ve walked by that Corner many times before. But this time there is a car parked in the Corner. It looks like an ordinary car, but then not really… You realise there is an invitation to seat behind the wheel and you decide to take it up. You approach, you open the door and take you seat behind the wheel. You are taken on an imaginative journey that transports you out of the familiarity of your surroundings and into a world of wonder. This is achieved through a combination of mechanical animatronics and augmented reality.

Performative site
It is night time. You walk towards the same  street Corner. Before you finished you journey earlier in the day you were given an instruction to return at night time… As you turn the Corner you see it… The car is now illuminated from inside. And there is a garden (are those giant sunflowers?) growing inside! You realise there is a crowd: everyone was given the same instruction to return. A performance commences and as it develops you realise how the traces of your participation during the day (and those of everybody else) have been incorporated in it.

We are interested in communicating with (and involving in the work) the general public who already inhabit/relate/act upon/destroy/care for a particular space/site. Examples:

  • we park the car by a bus stop and involve people who are regular wait for the bus there;
  • we park it by a park and involve people who usually chose to have their lunch there;
  • we park it by a school and involve a group of children.
  • We park it by an old people’s care home and involve a group of elderly people.

Conceptually the work addresses all who might have a curiosity about:

  • ‘extra-ordinary’ events in everyday situations;
  • an  interest in the use of mobile technology;
  • an interest in performance in the public realm.

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