About the collaboration

Choreographic Perambulations Around Rough Corners is the working blog of an international collaborative project between Croatia-based Ivana Ivković (BADco.) and UK-based Rita Marcalo (Instant Dissidence).

Corners is a major European-funded project involving artists of different disciplines and countries collaborating on international productions: http://cornersofeurope.org/about.

Corners is an intercultural arts project, created and developed by six culture organisations in Europe: Intercult (Sweden), Umeå 2014 – European Capital of Culture (Sweden) City Culture Institute (Gdansk, Poland), Exodos Ljubljana (Slovenia), Drugo More (Croatia) and POGON (Croatia). Corners R&D has been funded with support from the European Commission.

A first research and development stage was undertaken by the artists in 2010: http://seasx.wordpress.com/.

A second R&D stage was undertaken by Ivana in April 2012: http://cornersofeurope.org/xpedition-balkans.

The project is currently on a third research and development stage, where Ivana and Rita will be travelling across Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland in August 2012 to finalise the concept: http://cornersofeurope.org/xpedition-east.

During this second expedition Instant Dissidence’s collaborators Carma Fernandes (Portugal), Lucy Barker and Claire Greenwood (UK) will also be responding to this blog.

The project will enter the production stage in 2013.

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