Perambu-films (part 1)


Envision turning a street corner going to school as a child or tracing the steps from your current home to the nearest shop – a path emerges. A path that with time slowly embeds into your routine, daily and bodily. A multitude of paths emerge, walks traced in memory, perambulations you recall from distant landscapes or from years past.

We reclaimed one such stroll as a score we could displace to distant locations as conceptual walks, meditative landscape crawls, micro-excursions. Poland, Croatia or the United Kingdom. Snow, cobbled streets or lake views; fields of grass or paper. Steps forward or lost amblings. Navigating the immediate while keeping pace with each other displaced in locale and time. A connection.

Following a set score gets one into trouble – a hedge, a wall, a stumble, even a fall – or an unexpected “hello” from a passer-by who finds herself enveloped in an untold story, if only by the gaze of the camera.

Airports, backyards, parks and street corners. Busy or vacant. Every time a probe into the here-and-now. Or maybe a there-and-elsewhere?

Take a walk, count out the steps, recall that path that took you on an everyday journey, go on…